Saturday, 6 April 2013

Friends' Bloggy Blanket Update

Alison has been busy again crocheting squares for the Bloggy Blankets. Here's her email. (Hope you don't mind me putting it out here, Alison. Just say and I'll take it off pronto.)

Hi again Mum
Sorry to have been a while, but we have been up in Norfolk setting up the campsite for the start of the season, not that anyone wants to go camping!!  We had a few hardy souls over the Easter weekend, but mostly they were in campervans. 
Anyway, have finally got round to crocheting some granny squares for the next Bloggy Blanket.  I played around and managed to get the 4ply wool to work up to a 12cm square, which I was really pleased about.  I had brought quite a few different colours from Mum's attic, and thought it would be nice to crochet some stripy ones, using light and dark contrasts in each colour.  Once I started I got quite carried away but could not complete the set as I had no light green on board.  The set did not look right without a green so I cheated and went out locally to buy some light green DK wool; I have also been seduced into making more innocent hats (for the Big Knit 2013) so will use my extra DK wool for that.  We are on the north Norfolk coast which is not particularly well served with craft shops, but can get cheap King Cole and Cygnet DK in Wells, which I think is fine for this type of project.  I was very pleased with the result and even remembered to take a photo to send to you this time.  I am sure there is a design for a bigger afghan using the same technique of contrasting shades in one square, but I am no good at designing. 
Well, thank you once again for organising the project; like you I have a few projects on the go now (not sure how that happened, I had become quite disciplined about finishing one project before starting another) but if the blankets are still being made in a few months time I am happy to contribute some more squares, just keep updating the pages on the blog.
I hope you are ok, I have noticed you do not blog quite so regularly at present, although many bloggers seem to be less active - as many have admitted, there does not seem to be too much 'new' stuff to say!! 

Thank you for joining in with the Bloggy Blanket. I hope more people will be inspired to join in. I just love those 2 tone squares. Your last paragraph has kick started my brain into creating ideas for new posts, one of which involves more 'joining in' from other Bloggers. Stay tuned!


  1. No worries Mum, feel very honoured!! My five minutes of fame!! Looking forward to your new ideas ....

    1. Those are lovely Alison! really nice colours :-)

      and the word verification was "wowsplan"!

  2. Thanks for the update about the bloggy blanket.

    Yes those two toned squares are beautiful.

    Well done Alison!

    Sft x

  3. I am still making at least one square a day and have done a few extras so hope to send you some soon to add to the collection.

  4. Those squares look great! I do not crochet or I would contribute. Great organization.

  5. The squares are fab. Love the yellow.

  6. THank you for your lovely comments. I really enjoyed making these up with bits of surplus yarn. I learnt to crochet (finally) last year, mainly with the inspiration of 'Mum's' Crochet along posts, so I was happy to be part of this. If you can knit, please consider helping with the innocent Big Knit, making little knitted hats for the top of innocent smoothies in some stores in November time, they raise money for Age UK. The hats only take a few minutes and you can go mad with the designs - of course, not me; mine are always quite conservative, but sometimes I add a bobble on top for a bit of fun. I have already been told that they are definitely running the Big Knit for 2013, so take a look if you think you can help. Thanks to all, Alison X


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