Friday, 3 February 2012


This cheeky young man was giving me a funny look today.

I soon wiped the smile off his face!


Welcome aboard, Meri.


  1. Poor tato head.

    An email came very early this morning saying "Mum" had left a comment on my blog. Did it ever give me a jolt! I thought my dear old mother had stalked me on the computer, had found my blog and would be coming after me to "tidy up that room" before I typed another word. LOL.

    Nice meeting you, look forward to follwing your blog.

  2. You could get done for potato torture you know, keep your eyes open for the potato police!

  3. You might have wiped the smile off his face but he's still got that glint in his eye.

  4. After the day I have had - thank you for the laugh - brilliant! x

  5. That made me smile
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. You have given me a good laugh this morning with this post. Love it. :)
    Anne xx


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