Thursday 30 June 2011

RIP mangetout

The mange-tout have been pulled out to make way for the leeks but I picked the remaining pods. Waste not want not. Mange-tout are versatile in that not only can you eat the pod you can also eat the peas inside once the pods have grown bigger.

We had these peas in a stir fry for tea tonight with home-made pasta (recipe here on Rhona's blog). Now we're ready to eat another part of the garden. The broccoli is ready. This is the head I photographed a few days ago. It's grown a lot bigger. It won't grow any more now because I picked it!

I also picked some strawberries. We had these for tea - with cream!

Naughty, naughty!


  1. You had some great picking from your garden.

  2. My mange tout have only just started producing. It's the first year I've grown them but I'll definitely grow them again next year.


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