Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I'm being watched

My new to me watch is definitely watching me. With its Activity App in action every day I can monitor the amount of activity I'm doing.

My tidying up in the kitchen, mopping the kitchen floor on hands and knees, ironing and hoovering hall, stairs and landing sent the green 'activity' band nearly all the way round to complete its circle. The red 'moving' band was completed and lapped itself after this afternoon's dancing and my blue 'stand up and walk around every hour for at least one minute' is nearly completed and it's just after the evening meal. My total steps have topped 10, 500. As my watch has been set for me being moderately active I can safely assume that I am.

Time for a rest now, I think.



  1. Goodness me. I just wait till I collapse.

  2. I would love one of these! Never seen one before. What is the brand or maker. Maybe I can locate one, Thanks (I so enjoy reading your blog.) I'm afraid I've become "addicted" to blog reading since I retired. Thanks


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