Thursday, 21 July 2016

Throwaway Thursday

Not quite zero waste yet in our house. I thought I'd monitor what I threw away today so here's the list of items that went in the grey bin.

First * the pouch for the cat's pet food 

and as it was a baking day (for the freezer as we have guests coming next week) 

* 5 egg shells
* cellophane bag that contained the sugar
* part of a butter wrapper
* tin foil (it was used twice - once to line the baking tray and one more time to cover up a cake in the oven
* mixed spice container (It came out as I had an idea to make a crochet cover and use it to put stuff in but then I changed my mind so it went back in again!)
* cotton yarn ends from my crocheting

* teabags
* snipped corner of a custard carton (the weight loss is nearly there so I've treated myself to custard over my strawberries!)
* plastic freezer bag that had the bread in

The recycling list is as follows:-

* flour bag
* sugar bag

* junk mail
* inner cardboard tube from a finished ball of yarn
* paper band from a new ball of yarn

* tin top from some tinned tomatoes

And the compost list:-

* lemon peel
*strawberry husks
* apple cores
* broad bean pods

* mange tout pods - I have saved the seed for next year.

Well at least I've recycled or composted more than I've thrown away but I don't think I'll ever achieve zero-waste.



  1. Could you dry the eggshells, crush & use on the garden?

  2. I always put egg shells and tea bags in the
    compost. Supposedly egg shells scattered in
    the garden (not a great look I'll admit) keeps
    snails away. I gave up on that when I found
    a snail using an upturned egg shell to reach
    a spinach leaf!

  3. Agree with Susan - eggshells mixed into the garden soil ;)

  4. Apperently worms like tea bags too

  5. We've tried egg shells and tea bags in the compost and they do not break down easily. Perhaps I should break open the tea bags and just use the tea and as Susan says - crush the shells but they would need to be crushed really well.

  6. Cotton and paper could go in the compost. I must admit that I don't put them in though, I keep it to food waste only. I do put egg shells in though. I think it would be extremely difficult to achieve zero waste when supermarkets insist on packaging items like they do.


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