Saturday, 9 July 2016

Little comments

With apologies to Leapy Lee.

I'm a mum, a little mum
Shooting posts out to the blue 
And I'm aiming them at someone
But the question is at who?
Is it for me, is it for you?
If you're reading this you're hit
And I know that you are reading 
When you comment a little bit.

You're there for me
Pouring out of the blue
Little comments for me, all from you.
You're there again and again,
You're there again and again

Little comments full of knowledge,
Little comments full of fun.
When you've a blog you'll find
Those little comments there from some.
Little comments that will give you hope,
Encouraging again.
Little comments that give hugs and kisses
Every now and then.

Oh, oh, oh ...

Thank you so much for visiting and just being there.


PS - I've make some more jam - no stress!


  1. In response to your post.


    If you feel isolated and alone
    And need a friend or two,
    Go onto blogs on the internet,
    There'll be someone just like you.

    You won't feel you're on your own
    Each and every moment.
    You'll feel you're joining in.
    Espcially if you comment.

    You'll find out their lifestyles,
    Interests and hobbies too.
    And, more importantly,
    You'll get their point of view.

    You'll understand their heartache.
    When they've lost someone dear.
    Sending sympathy and best wishes
    Wiping away a tear.

    I'm glad I found Blogland
    Someone to visit each night.
    To read what they've been doing today
    And knowing that everything's alright.

    So, if like me you're unable
    To make new friends face to face.
    Go on the blogs and you will find
    New friends already in place.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. I enjoyed reading that

    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  3. I'd write something clever in return, but it's just too darn hot.

  4. Well done with the jam. If some strawberry jam doesn't set well - just tell people that you made ice cream sauce : )

  5. I met leapy Lee, a few years ago. I was walking past his bar on Mallorca and he was dancing around the tables singing his song, still mad as a hatter and so fit for his age.

  6. Yes, a small comment makes all the difference doesn't it?
    I must confess I don't always comment when maybe I should. This post is a good reminder for me to get cracking

  7. It is nice when someone reads your blog and makes a comment even if it only one word(hint hint)!

  8. Not commenting much as ill again. Still love all you write.

    1. Oh Jill, keep resting. Hugs to you from me.


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