Friday, 8 July 2016

Garden Tour

I had on my To Do list in my Filofax to hoe the back garden. The weather is blustery and overcast but quite warm so I've managed to hoe, hoe, hoe all the little weeds that zoom up after rain. More strawberries are ready so it looks like another batch of strawberry jam to be made. (Stress, stress!) I've kept a few back to make a fruit salad. While out I thought I'd take a few a lot of pictures of our Edible Back Garden.

This is spinach, I think. I'm eating it anyway.

The parsnips are turning into trees at the top.

The leeks are struggling a bit in the bed that had the asparagus. We've dug all the asparagus out as it did not produce enough to warrant space in the garden.

We're wading through the potatoes. They'll soon be main crop ones rather than earlies at the rate we're going.

The runner beans are climbing well up their wigwam.

The Basil in the greenhouse is looking lush.

Tomatoes are growing bigger. I'm just waiting for the first red one - hmmm!

Straight cucumbers - I could supply the supermarkets, couldn't I?

Many bunches of grapes no where near ready yet but a promise of deliciousness to come.

I'll be harvesting the mange tout seeds tomorrow and taking this lot down.

Flowers around the big beds provide colour.

And the corn is nearly as high as an elephant's eye.

Courgettes have started producing.

I couldn't resist this plant from Liddle-iddle.

Climbers are climbing.

And this ornamental grass from the front garden looks like the top of someone's head.

All is growing well.



  1. Looking really good. Very inspirational.

  2. It's all looking fantastic. I would love to have a vegetable garden. X

  3. Wow your veg is looking so lush. Bet you can't wait for that first tomato, mmm and that smell. I really like your Blackpool picture. Every time I look at it I can almost feel the spray from those waves.

  4. Amazing! We've hit the time of year where plants and people just hang on and hope for fall.

  5. My husband makes strawberry/raspberry jam in our breadmaker. It does need some powdered apple pectin put in as well as the sugar, and it's not a set jam, but it is delicious. Catriona

  6. Lots of delicious fresh fruit and veg. Grapes too!!! Do you make your own wine or are they table grapes?
    Nothing like home grown!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

    1. They are a desert grape and I munch my way through most of them.

  7. Garden looking good and loads of promised harvest, love this time of year.

  8. I once saw grass like that described as Donald Trumps hair, don't think he would be pleased do you. ha ha

  9. It all looks very impressive Mum and I love your straight cucumbers....too good for the shops lol


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