Sunday, 11 October 2015

What's in my Filofax? What's not in my Filofax?

This notebook is not in my Filofax. It's a handy portable size that fits in my bum bag if needed. In it are just jottings to remind me what I would like to do on a particular day. If I have a sudden brilliant brainwave I can write that in too as well as places I need to go and people I am going to see. The jottings are in the form of a Bullet Journal - there's a whole new notebook world out there - just google Bullet Journal and you will see some of it! It appeared to me a good way of organising my scribbles so I'm having a go and so far it works a treat.

It basically is "... a customizable and forgiving organization system. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less."

The video below is a very quick overview of the system.

So far I've started my October pages and have decided on my bullet point key. 

A few days have been logged and the notebook has been a very helpful source of information I've collected and things we've done and intend to do. As in some organiser 'traditions' I've tried my hand at decorating the pages with a few doodles. You can see how artistic I am!!! The bottom picture is suppose to be a tree which we saw that was full of crab apples.

the tree

the crab apples

Some of the information I'm logging may help in my Filofax home organisation. Here's a quick tour of Filofax 1.

My tabs in this organiser are:-



This organiser is simply a reference section for my daily diary.

The house section is divided into:-


The Monthly pages have sticky notes with my intentions for that particular month. These goals can be fed into my daily pages so I am motivated to 'get things done'.

In the Weekly pages is an overview of suggested tasks for the day which basically boils down to -

* necessary as and when tasks - vacuum, laundry, dishwasher stack and empty etc
* suggested daily tasks to clean one toilet, one sink and vacuum one room with a choice of either cleaning a shelf, cupboard, drawer, skirting board or picture rail (which I've called swing tasks). I also aim to focus on a very quick overview and tidy of one room each day. The theory is that I'll have sparkling loos and sinks all the time and over time all my cupboards and drawers will be sorted and kept in order. :}

The food pages are just a log of freezer and cupboards so I'll use everything I buy.

On the rooms pages I've listed parts of the room to clean and these can be ticked off when I've done them. Once they're all ticked I'll either add to the list or 'go round again'. These pages feed in to the weekly task routine.

The finance pages just keep a log of supermarket shops and cash expenditure.

On the action pages I've listed jobs that could be done under different headings e.g.. Garden, Christmas, Music, Miscellaneous. Again these tasks can be chosen to be done on different days as and when I have time and inclination. It's very satisfying to tick off a task. (Sad, sad)

Also in the Action pages is a list of birthdays and cards that need to be made along with ...

… further pages detailing the tasks for the run up to Christmas and pages for lists of presents and cards received and sent.

My Diary Filofax (number 2) contains a monthly page view where I mark in birthdays, anniversaries, important dates and notes plus '2 page' weekly spreads. On each day I have my Daily tasks listed plus one or more other tasks which will fit in with the day.

Here's an example of a week that I've made up. Daily tasks are done from Monday to Friday, appointments written in and any other relevant jottings added. I've also put a quote at the top and the rooms I should concentrate on to get tidy.

I've made a handy 'puller outer' on to which I am able to stick a shopping list which I'll then take on my next shop.

My bullet notebook has fed in well into my routine and so far all 3 organisers are working well with the house reasonably tidy and clean. I've been able to remember (or been reminded to remember) things and am able to capture thoughts and ideas as soon as they occur.

I hope it all lasts!



  1. You're so organized it's scary. If I get my grocery list made before we head out that's about as organized as I get.

  2. That's a brilliant idea and vary colourful. Inspired by a previous post of yours I made up my own filofax from an A5 folder. January went well and that's it, There are no date pages but a monthly calendar so I can start again in 2016.

  3. I love list and have loads, but not all in one place, my most important book is A-Z, which I keep all my different passwords in.

  4. Goodness you have been busy I think some times I have lists for lists I couldn't manage day to day with out those. Well done for getting so organized. dee xx

  5. I rather think I'd be so busy faffing around getting my organiser so pretty like yours, I'd have no time to do any of the jobs I'm listing! Plus I think I'd leave a right mess in my wake!


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.