Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Busy again -

- weighing and giving drinks to the mixed dried fruit for the Christmas cake. I hope to bake it sometime this week and the fruit is waiting whilst savouring gin, brandy and whiskey!

While I had the dried fruit out I mixed up a batch of Auntie Katie's Mincemeat - a recipe from my home recipe book.

Auntie Katie's Mincemeat

 (I halved these quantities as it makes an enormous about.)

1 lb sultanas
1 lb currants
1 lb raisons
12 oz sugar
1 oz each of - mixed spice
- mace
- cinnamon
4 oz ground almonds
1 lb marmalade
1 lb grated apples
the rind and juice of 2 lemons

a tot of - whiskey
- ginger wine
- brandy

Mix together in the order given and keep cool.

I intend to start making mince pies for the freezer when the fancy takes me.


PS Ain't the freezer lucky!
PPS I think the dried fruit that's sitting in a bowl on the worktop is lucky too with all that booze!



  1. The house smells divine whilst cooking the cake......

  2. I might even bake some mince pies at the weekend too! I use an orange pastry by the Hairy Bikers. It always get compliments

  3. I like the sound of this recipe - No suet.

  4. lovely I made mine the other week you enjoy the wonderful smell while its cooking :-) dee xx

  5. On a whim this week I soaked my fruits in Contreau. They smell fantastic and I am hoping the result is excellent.


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