Monday, 3 August 2015

Keep learning

For this little project I had to learn Something New again. It was FDC (Foundation Double Crochet) and CSDC (Chainless Starting Double Crochet) and both techniques were new to me. The wool I used was from my stash which seems to keep growing no matter how many things I crochet!

The pattern for this little coat is here and is a quick and relatively easy make - when you've learned the Something New of course.



  1. thanks so much for this post, I have my wool and hook and am just going to have a go at these new stitches. 69 and I've never done this before. lol

  2. that is gorgeous. Someone is going to be very lucky when they receive this. Very impressed!

  3. That is very pretty
    Julie xxxxxx

  4. aahh that's so sweet :-) dee xx

  5. I can't crochet or knit! Mum will be turning in her grave as I was brought up clothed in hand knitted clothes. One day I will find the right patient person to sit with me and show me how it's done. Loved the colours you have chosen - so modern.

  6. I love it, all I need is for a crochet whizz kid to upscale the pattern to my size. I would have a few in a rainbow of colours.

  7. That is utterly brilliant! You are so clever x


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