Saturday, 8 August 2015

Dog pull toy from recycled fabrics

Plan A - Make a dog toy from recycled fleece following a video from Youtube. I watched several videos before I became competent with the four strip plait. Here's the finished product but I thought the colour was a little boring.

Plan B - Use different colours. I had no more fleece apart so I thought I'd cut some old T-shirts into strips.

The strips weren't very long but I persevered and …

dog pull number 2 emerged. 

The knots had to be pulled really tight.

Result - Too small. Now how can I cut the T-shirt to make the strips longer? Hang on, I've got an old fleece jacket. Use that. I couldn't remember how to cut a long strip from a rectangle but by trial and error ...

Plan C

I made a plan. Fold in half and cut up to the edges.

Snip at the appropriate places to make one continuous strip. I rounded off the corners and then set off using two pink strips and two yucky brown strips.

The knots have to be pulled really tight and pulling one strip at once was better that pulling opposite pairs. I worked anticlockwise using this method.

Now that's much better.

When I get four different coloured strips the pattern will be different.

The hardest bit was tying the knot at the end. I had quite long strips so the largest pull was fairly easy to knot with longer ends.

This video shows how to cut a continuous length and how to braid. You may not be able to sit through it all though!




  1. The look good, but I have no dog and my cat would think I'd lost my mind. LOL

  2. great idea will see about making one for our dog :-)

  3. These look like a great idea. I remember a fellow dog walker explaining something similar to me. I might give this a go for our dog, although she doesn't always play with toys very much.

  4. How resourceful! You've certainly got stickability! I think I'd have given up!!

  5. A very good idea and your work is very neat. My dog prefers his teddy, can you make one of those, ha ha.

  6. Well done those look great :-) dee xx

  7. They dog toy is lovely and bright. Look strong too.


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