Monday, 4 May 2015

From my seat

I'm just watching the garden grow this beautiful, sunny afternoon. I have been out weeding, hoeing and planting the sweetcorn plants and French and runner bean seeds. More needs to be done but I'll have another go tomorrow if it's fine.

I shall go clockwise today. Straight ahead is the edible garden which is growing, some plants slowly and others a little bit faster. We are still eating the asparagus and will continue to do so until June. After that we'll let the ferns grow. I recall that someone commented that they were planting asparagus this year to eat the next but when we first planted we let it grow for four years before harvesting any in order to get it established. The cut and come again lettuce is ready to harvest and the mange-tout are about 6 inches high. Potatoes are growing along with spring onions, garlic, leeks and strawberries. The apple, pear and plum trees have a few blossoms between them! The grapevine is racing away in the greenhouse and is in need of a haircut again. I'm pinching out the side shoots on the tomatoes and some are flowering. Can you see the pointy plant to the left?

Turning right  and there is the collection of 'strange plants' some of which are flowering. The Easter cactus cutting has red flowers on it. The smiley stones are sunning themselves.

Here's more foliage.

And more.

Behind me is the back room. I like seeing the reflections in the window.

Round again to the other side and there are some more corn plants on the window sill. These were not big enough to put outside yet. Maybe next week. There are also 2 courgette plants which DH will pot on and keep inside until all danger of frost is past.

Here's the pointy plant - a Mother-in-law's tongue. It looks like it's trying to escape.

Here are some more pointy bits on my skirt. You can see me coming in this.

On my lap now is my rainbow blanket. It's really eating up the yarn and I have to pull out loads of yarn so I can 'flow freely' with my hook. Each colour way is different and reminds me of different things - the circus, winter, summer flowers, ice, rivers, trees, my friend's New Zealand pictures and ...

… babies' blankets.

Hope you've had a relaxing break this Bank Holiday.



  1. Your mother in laws tongue is huge, bigger than mine which grows in the shade.I miss not having a conservatory for the plants, but I do love our sitting room opening on to the garden.

  2. I would love a conservatory, they are very rare over here in Canada.

  3. Beautiful day here too. I enjoyed your plant tour xx

  4. I am envious of your ability to be half in half out! There's absolutely no chance of me getting patio doors or a conservatory on the back of my Victorian Terrace.

  5. My conservatory is worth its weight in gold. It is my little ray of warmth on day like today. Essex is sunny but we have gale force winds. To sit in there looking out over the garden on my day off is heaven. Love your plants.

  6. Can't wait for your multi- coloured blanket to be finished. As you say 'a reminder of all things nice'


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