Monday, 9 March 2015


This pusscat book was a present from DD for Christmas and is an easy, gentle and interesting read. What a wonderful cat to have as a friend.

Another pressie was this book which I have flicked through and noted certain recipes to try.

I don't think my grandma would have made Navarin of Spring Lamb,

or Raspberry and Vanila Clafoutis,

or even Coffee Whoopee Pies! I don't know about yours!

I had some great pressies and below you'll see the other books I have read through.


On the twelfth day of Christmas my DD sent to me

Happy Birthday pressies

Some recipes from Grandma

Greek chic crocheting

Plenty pies for baking

This lady eating

Chocolates for consumption

A zoo to be knitting

Is this a kiss under the Mistletoe?

A wonderful pusscat book

Lots of choccy stickies

Simon's Catty diary

a Tap it unwrap it


Wine gums in a cool pink jar!



  1. I love Simon's Cat, watch all his videos. My Grandma's specialty that she always made for me was Poke Salad (that's a wild green that's poisonous after spring) and Blackberry Cobbler.

  2. Lots of wonderful gifts. I think that is definitely a kiss under the mistletoe. I've read the Bob books, have you seen the clips of him on You Tube? He's such a beautiful puss.

  3. Fabulous, Happy Birthday

  4. Read James's adventures with his very loyal feline companion(there's a part 2 out now:-), belated birthday wishes lovely!


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