Sunday, 29 March 2015

Where, what, why?

Where've you been?

Well I've not been anywhere really.

Why have you not posted?

I only post when the fancy takes me and it obviously 'takes me' now.

What have you been doing?

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Well that doesn't tell me anything - more info please.

I painted the outside table and DH made a new top out of recycled library shelves. It's now all set for the warm weather - wherever that is! I have weeded between the paving stones but left the moss. The plot has been weeded and turned over with a first planting of potatoes, onions, spring onions, mange-tout, garlic, leeks, land cress and beetroot.

My Mother's Day flowers lasted ages and, before I composted them, I managed to rescue some blooms to put in another display.

The bulbs we planted in the front garden are now a mass of golden daffodils and I picked some to put in my small vase.

The remaining tulips are shedding their petals but they still have some stuck on and will last a little bit longer.

I have a friend who likes owls so I crocheted her a mobile cover. It's loosely based on this pattern but the main body I crocheted in the round and the wings were granny circles.

The cat's just arrived on my knee so my 'little bit of this and little bit of that' will have to be done at the computer for the next hour or so!

Now have I answered all your questions?



PS And did you ask them in the first place?


  1. I've been planning a post on " where are they now?" - bloggers or commenters who have disappeared since my blog started and now Frugal In Bucks has done a post on the same subject and now you have answered the questions!!

  2. I've been a little AWOL too, I love the idea of your post as I have been putting off posting either an apology post or a catch up post x

  3. can't say I was going to ask, but glad you filled us in on everything!!

  4. Sunshine? You are lucky - it is freezing here.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. I really like the legs on your table, and it looks very pretty with the cloth, and flowers on it. I would like to have pavers like that, just enough out in the garden for a small seating area.

  6. I don't think we really are that nosy Mum - might do a bit of wondering now and again lol
    Glad to have you back with us again and it's nice to know you weren't just sitting around doing nothing :)
    Take care

  7. The real world is out there for us all, life is for living.

  8. Love the Owl. I think taking the blog break, does the writer good and does the reader good too. The writer so not to get stale, and the reader waiting in anticipation for a new read
    Julie xxxxxx

  9. I worry! But I am not blogging much lately. Worry about being boring. But you never are.


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