Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Diary entry

Sorted cards

Just 2 words but putting them into action took up a great portion of the day. The cards were taken down (before the New Year) from various places on picture rails, fireplaces and windows,

then sorted into piles.


The cards were then ticked off in on my Christmas card list as being received and then the everlasting ones put into bags for next year. The 'normal' cards were cut into small rectangles for use as shopping lists or telephone jottings and the used portions put in the recycling bag. Any cards that were useful for recycling into new cards were kept. I shall make some more homemade cards later this month ready for next year.

The everlasting cards (type the word 'everlasting' in the search box over on the right) were matched up with envelopes and address cards ready for next Christmas. All I have to do then is to sign and address the envelopes which speeds up the process enormously.

The 'saved' pile has everlasting cards that have stopped being sent for one reason or another and are put up each year in memory of that person. Other saved cards are ones which I like the look of and don't really want to throw away.



  1. I have just done the same with our cards.

  2. I'm not a card person but I love the thought of hanging on to a card and putting it up especially if that person is no longer with us. Next year I will hang on to them all. I love your front door by the way x

  3. There's just a couple of cards I've saved, the rest will be taken to Sainsbury's or M&S to be recycled. I love your everlasting cards, such a wonderful idea.

  4. I prefer using cards for notes and lists, they last longer than paper, which gets crumpled easily.

  5. Have sorted my cards too. Kept the ones I wanted. Gave my friend the horse ones, (she collect collect Christmas and Birthday cards with horse pictures on). Another friend has the rest for recycling. The village where she lives makes cards for the local church funds and they even use the little picture that is sometimes printed on the back of the cards too (usually a smaller picture of the same as the front)
    Julie xxxxxxx


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