Monday, 28 July 2014

Kitchen Window - July 2014

It's not very artistic but it pleases me.

Flowers from the garden.

Just bought veggies.

The climbing plant has been repotted and is looking rather scraggy ...

but it's still going strong.

Spot the Christmas decorations that I didn't put away.

One should always leave a little bit of the Christmas spirit out.

That's my excuse for the sherry!



  1. Those flowers are lovely and cheery on your windowsill. Don't worry about the decorations, Christmas will be here again before we know it.

  2. The yellow daisies are lovely, what are they? We still have some Christmas decorations about too.

  3. A cheery view outside is lovely, but when the view starts from inside it's even better :)

  4. I remember having one of those plants years ago, I used to call it the sweetheart plant, I'm sure that's not the right name though.
    Yes, don't put away the christmas dec, I'm sure the tins of chocolates will be gracing the front of the supermarkets in a couple of weeks. lol

  5. If it pleases you that's all that matters. Looks great to me, I love simplicity (and a little bit of Christmas all year round) x x Joy

  6. Love the flowers. There is always one! One of something that never gets put away!
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  7. Your windowsill looks so pretty with flowers and fresh veg. X

  8. Guaranteed, every year i leave something out which stays there the whole year mocking me. Im actually over the tinsel and ball kind of decorations now, i think ill make a Christmas bunting instead.

  9. I like the bottle with the flowers in, very arty.


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