Friday, 25 July 2014

Alphabet Blogging - A

A is for Alpha and Omega -

Here we are at the beginning of the alphabet and also at the end of the Alphabet Blogging. Thank you to my 3 fellow travellers, I hope you have enjoyed contributing. My first Alphabet post is here, posted way back in January - the beginning of the year - and I wonder if anyone has learned to recite the alphabet backwards?

We are more than half way along the year now. Doesn't time fly by? What shall I start now?

Now for more Alphabet Blogging please follow the links below.


  1. ooops, I've just said on KC's Court I've missed all of this, otherwise I'd probably have joined in but as you say, time flies and boy has it flown this year, I can't believe it! x

  2. Time certainly is flying by. Looking forward to seeing what you start now.

  3. Yes mum, I can say or sing the alphabet backwards! I taught my daughters when they were young and they are now 35 and 38 and can still sing it. Its only like learning the words of a song, very easy. Kind regards, Lynda.

  4. Hello Mum
    Have tried to comment before but who knows where they go to - wonder if it's due to your security. Moderation plus that god awful captcha thing.
    Anyway Thank You for instigating the Friday fun for us. Greatly enjoyed by all, espacially discovering what the others came up with for the weekly letter.
    Take care


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