Sunday, 4 May 2014

Tidying out the loft cupboard

These papers and cards were in a plastic bag in a suitcase in the loft cupboard.

DS loved Gordon the gopher when he was little.

Here's a note to his dad. Plus a reply.

He was obviously artistic when he was a toddler!

He preferred the computer even then. Do you still have the school Mother's Day cards?

Did your children take part in the Nativity at  Christmas?

The papers were strewn around the floor as I read and reminisced.

Finally I gathered them all together and put them back in the carrier bag and the suitcase. I'll de-clutter another day.



  1. I'm exactly the same with all my daughter's drawings and cards. I just don't have the heart to throw them out.

  2. Awwww, absolutely wonderful. I love the little note to his daddy. Such precious memories.

  3. And the little handprints and poems...making memories!

  4. I loved Gordon the Gopher as well, we couldn't afford a real BBC one so I go one from Skegness lol. Drove everyone nuts with the squeak x

  5. Aaaah,no wonder you are holding on to them.
    Jane x

  6. I LOVE it when I come across my daughters' childhood notes and doodles. It takes me back 25 years, and I feel young again!! x We were not great fans of G the Gopher though!

  7. Fantastic memories!! I have a few too tucked away and just occasionally get out. I am going to sit down with my grand-daughter one day and show her a little letter to Santa Claus that her mother wrote when she was 9 years old. That is my favourite!

    keep well

    Amanda x

  8. You cannot throw those treasures away.....
    Julie xxx

  9. You're a big softy mum! Just as I am too! I couldnt bear to throw out anything like that made by my boys and now I'm getting as bad with little things the grandchildren make too.


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