Thursday, 15 May 2014

De-light-ful jolly

… to Illuminasia at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Blackpool is famous for its outdoor Illuminations and now it has its own indoor ones. My friend had a voucher which gave us free admission for four so off we went for a look-see and we were quite impressed. (I don't think we'd have paid £12 each for admission, though.)

There were different 'themed' rooms to walk through ...

and a guide gave us some facts about the creation of the lights.

Colour was everywhere,

with visits to different lands, real and imaginary.

I was born in the year of the Dragon.

We even had a work sheet with questions about the exhibits.

I think my favourite part was the Land of the Giants ...

… and the underwater world came a close second.

We were treated to a laser show at the end of the tour. It was such a shame that there were only a few people visiting. I'm sure they would get many more visitors if they lowered their prices.

A video showed the construction of the area.

We were then able to view the exhibits from above.

A pot of tea for four was very welcome at the end of our visit and we were entertained by the pianist in the cafe area of the Winter Gardens. Very sophisticated, (apart from his holdall by the piano stool)!



  1. It looks lovely, I'm sure if it was cheaper more people would go as well as we have three kids it costs far too much to have days out x

  2. Looks fantastic. Shame about the price :o(

  3. Quite the sight...quite the expense too!
    Jane x

  4. It does look good but, as you say, a bit pricey. The hold-all does look out of place. I hope the other side of the tea room was a bit busier.

  5. Fantastic! Price also.. How silly. I guess its to recoup but they would still get it back if more people went. Do love your joillies. Certainly see another side of Blackpool to what I remember.

  6. It looks great. These type of attractions are getting very greedy charging high admission prices, as you say, more people would visit if they lowered them. It's expensive for families when they're having to fork out for adults and children too.

  7. Hi mum, just catching up. It looks amazing but I think a lot of places dont know what to charge for things. You would think they would know that to charge too much they wont get as many visitors.Such a shame too.


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