Friday, 16 May 2014

Alphabet Blogging - K

K is for Knitting

I'm still ploughing through the 'knitting of the socks'. I will finish a pair but it's slow going. The first sock I knitted up was very difficult to get on as the top didn't stretch and the sock itself was too small. Back to the drawing board and Youtube to learn elastic cast on. There are quite a few different ways of casting on, aren't there? I chose one and started a new sock, knitting it up in a different size. So far so good - the top seems stretchy and I've made it to the foot part but it's slow going. I'll probably have this sock number 2 finished next week and that will mean that I have 2 odd socks so I'll have to do a sock number 3 to match sock number 2 (Are you following me?) but -

I've forgotten which cast on method I used so I may end up with 3 odd socks!

It's a good job I've got a lot of the wool left.

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Next week's letter is L.

Edit: Silly me - should be going backwards. Thanks, Julie.

Next week's letter is J.



  1. Haven't done mine yet. been busy today and tomorrow. I was going to do knitting too....!
    Next letter is J
    Julie xxxxx

  2. I hope that you can work out the sock knitting! I have no advice as I am not a knitter, just an admirer of knitting and in particular sock knitting! xx

  3. lol, after the day I've had you made me chuckle, isn't there some crazy FB game called odd socks, your so trendy!

  4. Have you joined Ravelry? There's lots of great advice on knitting socks on the Sock Knitters forum :)

  5. I learnt the hard way about casting on socks too, casting on using the normal method makes for a very tight sock opening. I usually cast on using the thumb method. Hope you manage to work it out so that you don't get three odd socks.

  6. Hope you figure out the right way to do it :)

  7. I still have the first sock I made in a bag somewhere. It came out far too big even for my huge plates of meat, so I ended up making the next one a size smaller and as that came out okay I made its partner to match. Hope you finally manage to get a pair that fit and match up.


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