Saturday, 6 October 2012

Number 8 and Bloggy Blanket update

This India cot blanket was easy and quick to do as I joined with dcs.

It's a bit wiggly but that's nothing different.

The edging was half trebles.

These cats keep hemming me in!

Talking of blankets, the Bloggy Blanket Friends' page has been updated. I'm pleased to say that our first Bloggy Blanket has been donated to an Old Folks' Home. Well done to those who donated squares for FM to join together. New followers, may I invite you to join in this Bloggy Blanket Friends' endeavour. Just click on the bloggy blanket page links at the top to find out more info. Basically, if you can crochet or knit a granny square you can join our little band 'doing' our small bit for others less fortunate. Our Bloggy Blanket Chain is a slightly different variation which involves sending one 'blanket in progress' around the blogosphere with bloggers adding one or more squares to it. Eventually it should end up a complete blanket which can be donated to a worthy cause - the last recipient decides which. Do look at the BB pages and if you are able to do even a small bit of crochet to help it would be much appreciated.



  1. What a great effort everyone made on the blanket, well done to you all. I may have to learn to join in next time!

  2. Lovely blanket-do the cat's come as an accessory???


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