Sunday, 28 October 2012

Mum's Virtual Tea Party

Welcome everybody to Mum's Virtual Tea Party. What a treat we have in store for you. Your favourite bloggers have been busy baking, assembling and titivating to bring you a Tea Party to remember. Please come in and share our hospitality.

Where shall we have our Tea Party? At the Tea Dance?

This is the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens.

Very posh.

A little bit too large for us, I think. We were rattling round like peas in a jam jar that day. There's another bash at Christmas. I'll have to talk a few more friends into going. I think we'll even get a mince pie!

Or should we host the party here?

Intimate surroundings. Now where would you like to sit?

Lovely mis-matched china.

A new conservatory area just opened.


Can you see the chandelier? I wonder if I should get one for the greenhouse!

And check out this wonderful cake stand. It must have been owned once by a Miss Havisham!

What tea set shall we have today. Here are a couple which were for sale at the CS. This set of 5 cups and saucers was £2.50. They had the word Gainsborough underneath.

This set was £5 and was Royal Vale with cups, saucers, plates and milk jug and sugar bowl.

And this bowl was so pretty.

I hope they go to good homes.

What do you think of the table decoration? No expense spared here. This work of art took all of 30 seconds to make. Don't you think the word 'shuck' is an excellent word?

Here's my offering for the cakes today. The recipes are from the BeRo recipe book. First of all, scones. I've substituted butter for the lard and margarine and you could add cream with your egg instead of milk to make them richer. Looks like the egg landed on the page, not in the bowl!

Doesn't baking make a mess of the kitchen.

Anyone for a scone? There's more cream and jam here somewhere.

Talking of jam - this is one ingredient in this. These are very more-ish so just have one for the moment until you've sampled everyone else's contribution to the tea party.

I've served your jam cake on my favourite plate.

It's Royal Albert Trillium. You can read more about it here and here.

There was another of these Royal Albert tea sets at the CS. It was called Lavender Rose. How could I resist! Can't show it you today though as I thought I ought to have it as a Christmas present.

Enjoy your stay at the Party. If our contributors don't have their Tea Party post up yet do call back later.

Bad Penny from the Hen House has her linen all ironed ready for this big day.

MummyHen - Whatever you bring to the tea party will be a delight.

Crafty in the Med You'll love these unusual delights served on vintage tableware.

Bonsaimum You are very welcome. I adore your cake, it's a shame to cut into it.

Penny Wise If you like chocolate then stop here awhile.

Liz Yeah! Yeah! Year! Let's hear it for the teapots! We'll certainly need them.

Op Shop Mama Hi, Iris, how are you doing? You lay a beautiful table. Save a cake for me!

Lazy Daisy Jones my most recent follower and great crocheter is joining us today. I wonder if she's crocheted us some cakes? I know she's made a Christmas pudding. Here's my attempt. Ah no! Willow go over right now to view her table!

Can you eat a whole one with your cup of tea?

Carole and mum have made a huge cake for us today. Take a look.

Please read the comments as there may be other bloggers joining in today. I'll try to keep this post up to date.

I do hope you have enjoyed your visit today. It was lovely to have the pleasure of your company.


  1. Oh Mum, please accept my apologies..we are not able to attend the magnificent tea party due to unforseen circumstances..but please save something for us!
    Jane x (and Chris)

    1. Not a problem, the kettle is always on. Take care.

  2. Mr Sft and I are having a fabulous time Mum! He is having his favourite-a cream tea-telling me that your scones are delicious. And of course drinking out of real china!

    Thanks for inviting us.

    Have a great time everyone!

    Sft x

  3. Hi Mum - the teapots are warming, ready to make the tea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. oooh lovely lovely thank you.

    I'm wearing the perfect dress for your tea dance today ! but I would really love to join you at the delightful Apple Store Cafe.
    Your rich jam cake looks divine and the cake stand very Miss Haversham !
    I just love the rustic table decoration too.

    Thank you for inviting me to tea. You are cordially invited to my party and all the other guests whom I look forward to visiting !

  5. My Mum had the Bero recipe book. Wonder what happened to it? Its probably still on the shelf in the kitchen. Must ask Dad if it is still there.
    Helen in France

  6. Oh the pud is gorgeous!! so proud of you what a talent!
    I am photographing my contribution now and will link up presently, so until then....

  7. Ok Mum!!

    .... all linked up and ready to go! hope you enjoy?
    No cakes I'm afraid, but something just as delicious in its own way....

    Bestest to you and all the tea-party guests
    Daisy x

  8. Thank you for inviting me to your tea party, I've had a lovely time.

  9. Hello Mum
    Here I am everything prepared and hope they haven't guzzled all your scones yet? I have my Tea Party post up on my blog and hope the guests enjoy my torrijas. I have decided to have a cup of Darjeeling tea,one of my favourites ,in my Portmeirion mug to celebrate the ocasion....the torrijas are disappearing rapidly so tell your guest to get stuck in quick as there will be none left !

    1. That was fun!!!

      Many thanks for your comments on my post and also thank you for inviting me to your party :-)

      A x

  10. Wow you have all been busy :-) love the sweetcorn table decoration that did make smile. And those scones look yummy. dee x

  11. Thanks for inviting me--had a blast.

  12. Found you through the hen house! I have that Bero recipe book exactly - handed down from nana. Thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon tea! jenx

  13. What a fun teaparty!!! Your scones look delicious!


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.