Friday, 19 October 2012

Kitchen Window - October 2012

I've had the chrysanthemums just over a week and they're still going strong.

The heart shaped leaf dropped off the plant that curls around the shelves and the lemon is for my hot lemon drink. I slice off a piece to add to hot water.

The green grocer sells these blooms in groups of 3 but I always ask for 5. It takes us a while to work out a price between us!

No earwigs in this little lot this year! There was always an earwig or two in the one's my dad used to grow.

Welcome to my new follower and thank you for helping with the tea party.


  1. They look wonderful, they always remind me of my Ma, she loved the smell of them. I like it too.

  2. I love Chrysanths, they last for ages. I'm lucky, Mick's uncle brings me loads, but I've yet to find an earwig in them. I thought it was dahlias which attracted earwigs, is it chrysanths too? Yuk, I'll be looking out for them now.

  3. The chrysanths are lovely - I planted two yesterday - don't know what colour - one came from garden club and the other in the Clearance bin at the local garden centre, they were $2 each although the plant shop wanted $4.00 and I said I would leave it so they gave it to me for $2.

  4. Lovely 'mums. I love that creamy greeny look with flowers. nice and freesh and zingy. Perfect with the lemon, in fact!

  5. my uncle always grew the most gorgeous mums and dahlia's.



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