Thursday, 16 March 2017

Tiddly bits

The back of the cot blanket.

The shadow of me.

The cat.

The addictive online tycoon game.

The park.

The sea.

The silly picture. (Never play with mobile picture apps.)

The beer.

Tiddly bits.


Sunday, 12 March 2017

A bit extra

The rainbow blanket just needs a backing now and another cot blanket is underway using more rainbow colours. There is a shell stitch edging all the way round.

I did a little extra today and made an iPhone cover for a friend using the rainbow colours. As she likes a little bit of bling I crocheted the back to the front with some sparkly yarn.


Saturday, 11 March 2017

From my feet

I didn't sit down on the beach because it was too damp so these shots were taken 'from my feet'.

In front of me was the Tower and North Pier.

To my right was the promenade.

To my left the sea.

Behind to the left was Central Pier …

… and behind me was Central Pier again. In the distance the Big One on the Pleasure Beach can be seen ...

… and also South Pier.

It was a 3 mile walk that day (What do you think, Ilona!) in glorious sunshine. Roll on Spring.


Thursday, 9 March 2017

Great day for gardening

At last the weather feels fine enough for us to venture out into the garden and start a general tidy up ready for the new season's planting. Dead plants in the front garden were cleared and in the back the over-wintering leeks were dug up. Some were for soup for today and tomorrow and some I'm keeping as veg for the meals this week.

I peeled a couple of spuds to go into the soup. It was so warm outside so I used the patio table as my work bench.

All the waste went straight into the compost.

The old runner bean frame was pulled down and I'll take off the dead stems tomorrow. 

The soup was made and eaten and, as there is no pic of the soup, I'll finish with a pic of puss cat enjoying the sunshine in the greenhouse.

Hope the weather stays fine from now onwards.


Wednesday, 1 March 2017

From my seat

Getting back to fitness after a major operation takes time - baby steps each day. 

From my seat at the Tower ballroom I see many people keeping fit by dancing. I'm now able to hold my own in all of the dances.

To my left is the stage where the organist plays for the sequence and ballroom dances.

Above me are the extravagant light fittings in the ballroom.

Behind me is a picture in tiles comparing the height of different towers in the world.

And in front of me is my fan - it's hot work tripping the light fantastic - and my water to keep me going.

Not only did I dance all afternoon but I also walked home too. That's my exercise for the day - done in the beautiful surroundings of the Ballroom. One of my favourite hobbies is helping with my recovery journey. Can't be bad. I shall be walking tomorrow.