Sunday, 24 September 2017

Not - Everything but the kitchen sink

So, the sink that I shined last night greeted me first thing yesterday. New dishcloth and scrubber at the ready - I can nearly see my face in it.

It's not lasted long as the sink is a workhorse in this kitchen. The fridge and microwave were tackled and the sink had to help.

Next up was the hob so a bowlful of hot soapy water was needed.

Scrub, scrub that's the way.

Bread was needed so out came the mixer and the dough hook was rinsed in the still hot water.

Kitchen floor tackled next with the same water - which is getting rather dirty now.

Sink cleaned again but a cup of tea soon put paid to that.

How many times must I use a tea towel to shine my sink - it's always getting wet!

Yep, going to get wet again to rinse out the mug.

Sandwiches and another cup of tea for lunch.

Who sneaked the next cuppa?

The bread is on its second rise so the mixing bowl is now soaking in the sink.

Let's prepare the veg. for tea.

Tea time over and pan put to soak.

All washed and what's this - another tea towel.

The bread's been baked and the tin is soaking. I know where all the crumbs come from that end up on the floor.

Half the loaf put in the freezer and the other half ready for slicing for toast tomorrow. The kitchen sink has had its last shine for today.

Plenty of tea towel washing for tomorrow though! Well that's the kitchen sink and everything.



  1. I wish there was an easy way to make them shine and stay shined.

  2. I have a smaller round kitchen sink, the size if yours gives me sink envy.

  3. I love to see a shiny sink but unfortunately it never stays that way for long. X

  4. Stainless steel is robust though. I bleach mine and towel dry comes up sparkling every time. Hi

  5. My shiny sink only lasts a few hours.

    God bless.

  6. When I had a stainless steel sink the sun used to shine on it and nearly blind me. I now have a black sink... shows just as many marks though and I too am forever scrubbing it

  7. you are right the kitchen sink does take a beating each and every day.........


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