Sunday, 25 June 2017

What can I do?

I couldn't pass up this freebie from a friend but what can I do with over 150 small tubes of green and gold glitter? I've put 30 of them in a marmalade jar and will probably do the same with the others in order to cut down storage space.

Now I can't bring myself to throw away the tubes.

What can I do with over 150 small empty plastic tubes?

Oh the dilemma. :}



  1. Green and gold, shouts Christmas x

  2. Roll on Christmas, should be able to use them

  3. Not sure what kind of crafting you might also do, but jewelry pieces, buttons, hooks, pins, seeds, needles/pins, small beads, more glitter if you had small amounts of other colors, confetti....

  4. Looks like lots sparkly Christmas decorations going to be made lol. Enormous glittery Christmas trees maybe??

    Cathy @ Still Waters

  5. Lose the stoppers and try and stick them together to stand up and you have single flower vases. Very good for sewing needles, put think wool needles in one and thin needles in another.

    Julie xxxx

  6. I know how torn you feel, you get rid of one dilemma and create another!


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