Saturday, 13 May 2017

In the style of

Not in my backyard.

Every week I would like to post in the style of one of my Simply Delightful favourite blogs. A sort of homage to the writing and presentation techniques of the bloggers. 

A very warm day today so off I went on my 1.5 mile walk along the streets to our local Aldi. Just a small shop this week as I've still got plenty to go at in the fridge and freezer.  My shopping chariot accompanied me as always.

The large gateposts of former large buildings still remain. Very imposing.

Along quite a few walls I espied miniature gardens basking in the sun.

Horse chestnuts are in full bloom.

Shame about this person's supper. Mustn't have liked the taste. The street is very handy for dropped litter. This is just one of many items littering the streets. Not much dog poo this morning though! I wish people would take their litter and pet c-rap home with them and then I can focus more on where I'm going rather than looking downwards all the time. Rant over.

Another wall garden of various ferns.

In a seaside town one has to have seaside tables.

The street was a heady delight of perfumed blossoms especially the lilacs. Shame we can't have smelly blogging. Spring is definitely here.

My chariot comes in handy when shopping. No heavy weight carrying for me.

Once filled I had the same journey back but on the other side of the road. Walk done and more exercise now gardening at home.

At least there'll be no litter in our garden!

Please look at my Simply Delightful Blogs to find out whose style I've tried to re-create here. :)


  1. I think you're Jill from Land of the Big Sky.

    Joan (Wales)

  2. The mention of the chariot and collecting the litter !!! Love you Mum if it was me. I love you even if it wasnt of course.

  3. First I thought Ilona, then I thought Jill.
    So not sure now

  4. Just catching up with blogs as I have been away.

    I think is Land of the Big Sky

    Julie xxxxxx

  5. All correct - Land of the Big Sky - stars all round.


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