Friday, 17 February 2017

Keep walking

Today's walk was with a friend around a local beauty spot - Marton Mere. The weather was calm and it wasn't cold. There's always plenty to observe on this walk. We chatted amiably and admired the flora and fauna (ducks).

Half way round we had a sit and admired the view.

We ferreted through the undergrowth to take some of these pictures ooh and ahhing at the wonders of nature.

Lovely walk in lovely surroundings. The exercise is going well.


PS Don't stop at the hotel for a cup of tea - not much change out of £5! Pretty expensive teabags.


  1. What a wonderful walk, looks so peaceful xxx

  2. Lovely pictures, an interesting walk. I'm pleased the exercise is going well for you.

  3. Lovely pics. Amazing what you see when you walk - slowly !x

  4. How glorious, you have flowers already.... Love the pictures of your walk and I am glad you had company.

    God bless.

  5. Looks like you had a lovely walk. I know what you mean about having a cup of tea when you are out, I know they have to make money but you always think how many cups of tea you could make with that much money at home! X

  6. What a lovely walk. It looks nice and peaceful. You've taken some beautiful photographs. X

  7. Lovely photos, but please don't begrudge an hotel a fiver for tea. It has overheads: staff, heating, cleaning, insurance ... you are not just paying for a couple of tea bags in hot water, you are supporting the whole enterprise. I think a fiver for tea (presumably for two)isn't all that expensive today, especially if they throw in a biscuit each with it. And if the tea comes in a pot you can often get more than one cup per person, so it doesn't work out all that expensive.
    Margaret P

  8. Hope the recovery is going well : )


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