Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Out exploring

Three new bus routes down our street means three new adventures travelling the routes. The first bus that turned up was going to St. Anne's via a circuitous route so I hopped on and found a very chatty driver who made part of the journey very entertaining until the next driver took over. The journey was not overly long and I spent the next couple of hours having a good old wander around.

First a trip down to say hello to the sea. It's out there somewhere and occasionally wanders in to surprise the residents.

I did a 'look up' tour around the main street ...

and had a bite to eat with DD as she works quite near. To finish off lunch I succumbed to sweeties and sat in the sunshine just people watching.

Wonderful weather, pleasant seating areas,

and bright street furniture.

Lunch time was spent feeding ourselves plus a few visitors.

I had to feed him as he'd just dive-bombed my sandwich!

He was treated to the last morsel.



  1. Ooh, we used to go to St Annes a lot before we moved to Wales. We used to be about an hour away from Blackpool, in between Rochdale and Manchester, but we always liked St Annes's much more. Great fish and chip shop, blue and white on the corner down from Costa.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your time down this end Mum, such a gorgeous day!

  3. I spy FLIPFLOPS! Isn't it just gorgeous to get yer toes out? I love it where you were. Might go one Saturday soon X love the tame starling!

  4. Visited in March, back in summer(with caravan) and booked for December. I can't tell you how much I love this place and since Camilla took over at Bizzie Fingers, it's just perfect. Catriona

  5. Wow that blackbird ? was tame :-) Lovely photo's looks like it was a wonderful day out, dee x


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