Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Daily Routine

Each day - 

* do at least one good deed

*learn something new

*be grateful for something

*think of someone

* remember your manners

At the end of the day - 

*pose any problem you may have and ask your subconscious to solve it overnight

I think I've managed to tick off most of these today.



  1. My mum always told me to learn one new thing each day.

  2. It was my new year resolution to try and do a good deed each day. I don't always manage this, but at least I try. Also, when shopping in the supermarket, simply because I can afford to shop there, I put things in the food bank container, and I make a point of not always putting bargain-basement basic range stuff when we can afford to have more expensive/premium range stuff ourselves, that would be adding insult to injury for those for whom a food bank is an essential. We shouldn't need food banks but while we do, I shall support them in this way.
    Learning one new thing - that's a bit more difficult. It was nuclear physics yesterday, tomorrow it will be a Beethoven sonata, but today ... well, I failed miserably at pure and applied mathematics ... (only joking!)
    Margaret P

  3. Great advice, I have the most problem with the last one. I wish many answers would present themselves the next day!

  4. Very good advice to live by xxx


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