Saturday, 7 February 2015


1. My home is in which famous seaside town?

2. How many cats do I have?

3. What do I call my days out?

4. What adjective do I use to describe my back garden?

5. Name one of my hobbies.

Here are a few that I have mentioned in the blog.


crochet and knitting

A blackberry beanie

A wavy ripple based around this pattern minus puffballs plus extra black!

And another scarf in garter stitch. Methinks I have too many projects on the go.




recycling and re-using


6. How do I describe the majority of my Christmas cards?

7. Name my favourite home grown vegetable.

8. Name one of my crocheted blankets.

Autumn blanket

Bloggy Blanket

Christmas granny blanket

Granny zigzag

Spring ripple blanket

Summer blanket

2012 blankets

9. What is my volunteer job?

10. What was the original aim of this blog and am I still achieving it?

Thank you to the people who commented yesterday and well done to Jill who was able to answer most of the questions. (Sorry, Jill, I've missed putting you back on to my side bar. I will rectify this forthwith!)

'I think I shall simply record all the things I do as I live my simple life. I cannot promise to put in everything. It depends if I have time. Let's see how it goes.'



  1. Your blankets are beautiful mum.

  2. Not up to much since we got back from Florida, major allergy attack has wiped me out, but as always I enjoyed reading your blog.

  3. Fun post, I love your blog aim, it should be every ones.


Thank you for your comments. it's always exciting reading them.