Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Start of the vegetable growing year

Here's what we've done so far. Dad planted the seeds. We've got calabrese ....

and broccoli.

This land cress was planted last year in one of the troughs that dad made. It's got brass (plumbing pipe) legs so the slugs can't get in. Land cress is similar to water cress but you don't need the running water to grow it - just soil.

The pea frames are up. Dad made them from old tent poles and chicken wire. I don't know where we found them - we tend to pick things up that will come in useful sometime. It could have been a car-boot, Freecycle or the tip. The other troughs are in front. They will have lettuce sown in them throughout the season. The herbs that are there in this picture I have planted down the side of the garden.

Here are parsnips left over from last year's planting. I need to make parsnip soup or parsnip chips or put them into a stir fry maybe. The young leaves behind are garlic which was planted at the beginning of the year.

Here  we are in the greenhouse again and this is the grapevine. I pruned it earlier on this year and new buds are now starting to form.

Here's the other pea frame. We grow mange-tout as it saves you podding the peas. This side of the frame is the asparagus bed. Nothing is coming up yet but Dad said he saw one just coming through. I haven't seen it yet though! The other side of the frame is planted with one row of parsnips.

Here's the other side. You can also see another planted row - beetroot.

This parsley is a left over from last year.

That's it so far I think.

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