Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Quick and easy granny phone cosy!

I made a little cover for my new to me mobile so I can 'tie it round my neck so I don't lose it'. My other phone dropped out of my jacket pocket as I was folding the jacket up to put in the back of the car. Then I turned the car round and promptly ran over the phone - whoops!

It should have every colour of the rainbow on it.


  1. Ran over your phone? Woah, I hope it’s only the phone that got damaged. Anyhow, this is totally cute! It doesn’t look so Granny, if you’ll ask me. Btw, what kind of phone do you have now? I hope it’s one that wouldn’t accidentally jump out of this pouch. =) -- Christine, Snapfōn

    1. No the replacement Nokia jumped out of my pocket as I was crossing the road and another car ran over it before I could pick it up. I should have been using my granny phone cosy!


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