Monday, 14 May 2018

Second pop in

Out and about

... with a walk along the prom at Heysham.

Look round - there's Morecambe Bay.

Down a lane I wander and peer through some railings.

Behind these railings is a Glebe garden belonging to the local church. Good to see there's a communal compost heap there!

Let's have a wander round.

By the garden is the church yard - what a great final resting place this is looking out over the bay.

I turn around to look at the pretty church.

More meandering leads me to this gateway. Shall we go through?

Out on to the headland and here's another intriguing entrance.

It's to an old ruined chapel on top of the cliffs.

Great views up here.

And look - there's a small inlet with its own sandy beach.

Just time to say hello to the sea.

I turn round to head back and spy ...

... another little gateway. (Look closely it's in there somewhere.)

Where will this one lead, I wonder?

It led to a woodland walk back to the church yard with a wilderness of wild flowers.

Lovely place, lovely views, lovely lunch at the village pub/hotel, lovely day out.

I'm full:-

with food,
with the scent of flowers,
with the smell of the fresh air by the sea,
with the beauty and peace of this part of the world,



  1. Perfect day for such a beautiful walk.

  2. It looks so beautiful. The golden sand, all those little nooks and crannies and that blue sky! X

  3. How geourgeous is that , Thanks for shareing xxx

  4. That was a lovely walk, I like your walks.

  5. Right smack bang in the middle of my neck of the woods! Your photos do it complete justice x

  6. Oh my, what photographs. I feel as if I was exploring with you. So many gateways leading to wonderful secret places.

    God bless.

  7. Beautiful photos, you should work for the Lancashire Tourist Board as I haven't been for years and really want to come and visit the area now! Jane. xx

  8. I walked by your side and enjoyed the sights, scents and sounds ❤️


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