Saturday, 13 January 2018

Good, bad, good, bad

I do wish,
(It's very sad)
That when I walk
I don't see 'bad'.

Rubbish, weeds,
and smelly poo,
Empty cans,
Graffiti too.

I do wish,
I know I'm right,
To see the clean,
The fresh, the bright.

Any weather,
Cloud, rain, sun,
Seeing 'good'
Is much more fun.



  1. I get frustrated at dog poo bags containing dog poo that has been collected then thrown into the gutter........crazy!!!

  2. What a lovely poem. I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. I just saw a little boy in the supermarket drop his wrapper on the floor and I felt tempted to say something, but I didn't as he was only small and it could have led to an argument. Besides, his mum and dad were busy packing their shopping bags. Hopefully they will have seen it and picked it up.

  3. Love this! Great poem

    Julie xxxxxxx

  4. Look up. x Hopefully not stepping into the unmentionable.

  5. Lovely poem. I have just moved from a very busy area near Heathrow Airport to a little village with only 1 shop and my the difference. No empty food boxes everywhere, no old mattresses on grass verges, everyone saying hello. How long does it take to put your rubbish in your bag and take it home with you. Hazel c uk

  6. Great poem!

    It saddens me when I see people throwing their trash on the ground! There's a lot of disrespectful people out there!

  7. Great poem, says it all in a few words.


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