Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Not short on ideas

Being a short-**** person of small stature I find it difficult to reach up to the farthest corners of high cupboards. These I-Key-Yah plastic tubs come in handy and make reaching condiments and spices a breeze.

The shelves in my wall cupboards are glass so I can see what's on them from below ...

then I can call a handy volunteer (DH) to reach the larger items down.



  1. Very organised, I have a little stepladder in the kitchen as I am a shortie as well xx

  2. I too am vertically challenged. Thats a good idea. Still working on the DP putting the wine glass as far back on the shelf as he can.....

  3. Glass shelves is a wonderful idea, I wonder if Harvey would be willing to install some for this vertically challenged person.

    God bless.

  4. A Very Good Idea from I-Key-Yah! But I reckon I'm the only person in the whole country who has never been to this place, nor has anything in her house from that place.
    I too am a short****, and can't reach things. This is compounded by painful shoulders which prevent me reaching up as well, so I can only reach things in a very narrow window of space, if you get my drift? Too low and I can't bend, too high and I can't reach. That leaves about 70% of the kitchen out of bounds to me. But thankfully Sir is here to help, bless 'I'm! That is what husbands are for, isn't it?
    Margaret P

  5. Can't do the stepladder any more but I do have a long handle "gripper" that works well. Nine out ten times I don't have to call on my handy volunteer!


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