Monday, 2 January 2017

Making a mess

After sorting out the Christmas cards I decided to make a few cards for the rest of the year and got quite carried away. I only use scrap, cut-outs from other cards and card I have stashed away. No design was in my mind as I just make things up as I go along and use whatever I've collected.

The ones above are Thank You cards and the ones below are Birthday cards. The pics are rather blurry as my new to me phone camera does not want to talk to my computer yet so I'm using my Kindle Fire camera.

I made a few Christmas cards while I was at it.

These orangey cards have a card base of cardboard pillow case packing.

I left the backs as they were.

My Get Well card is a re-make of a card given to me.

This set of birthday cards have pictures taken from a notelets box. It had pretty pictures on so I just cut round them and stuck them on different card bases.

This Thank You card I made originally about 10 years ago with a detachable inner and it's moved to recipients and back to me quite a few times with just the inner replaced each time.

The felt cut out trees were made when I was working in a school and were left-over shapes that weren't used in the classroom. They've been languishing in a box and used over the years to decorate home-made cards.

I often use cut-outs from other cards and re-use them for my homemade ones.

My craft room looked like a bomb had hit it after I'd finished this lot but it is now tidy. My cards are packed away ready for different occasions.

I'll post pictures of my Gift Tags another time.


PS Did you spot the cat photo bombing one of the pics?


  1. Seems like the cat likes the Christmas trees the best. My favorite is the porcupine. You make beautiful cards.

    God bless.

  2. They are all great! My cards are from one of my paintings photographed, then made into an A4 photo that has lots of the same painting which I then have to guillotine, stick on card, phew. Your way seems much more therpeutic.x

  3. Great job I shall be doing the same soon. Nice to know you always have a card to hand, xx

  4. Lovely cards. I love that you recycle to make cards and don't buy new ones. I wish I was brave enough to do this and not worry about what other people thought.

  5. Productive session despite the mess! Lovely cards.

  6. I like your cards, they are very pretty.


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