Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Opposite the Kitchen Window - June 2015

There's bread waiting to rise,

strawberries waiting to be washed,

sweet peas waiting to be placed somewhere,

a hat waiting to go on my head (bargain CB find for £1),

fruit placed at eye level so we choose a piece for afters instead of a biscuit,

rice decanted into every empty container,

and rice waiting to be decanted into more containers as they become free. When the big bags of Basmati arrive at Lidl I always buy because it has a long shelf life and saves me a few pennies.

Bananas hang up out of the way of the other fruit.

These Sweet William are by the kitchen window and are nothing to do with the title of the post. I like Sweet William so I took a picture. Breath in!



  1. I buy the Lidl rice too! Bargain!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. lovely post, once my rice is used up I am getting a big bag I have an airtight barrel ready to put it in then decant into a jar that I keep in the kitchen, its such a saving buying it like that :-)

  3. I enjoyed your post!
    I adore Sweet William!

  4. My favourite flowers - sweet peas and sweet williams - beautiful x

  5. I have Sweet Williams inside, got them at our local Co-op

  6. Lovely pictures. Those huge bags of rice are brilliant aren't they, it's just finding enough jars to put it all in as you say.

  7. Another Lidl shopper. I love this shop and cannot understand why people shun it.

  8. I love Sweet Williams, you've prompted me to look out for some when I go shopping.

  9. I do that with rice too...it looks so much nicer in your jars as well


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