Saturday, 11 October 2014

A whole new lease of life

We used our £5 Lidl-iddle vouchers this morning, stocking up on staples. (Go to Lidle Facebook page to download vouchers. They last for just this weekend.) Round and round again saving £5 for every £30 spent. This afternoon I tidied up and cut down some plants in the garden. Some of the dead flowers make a lovely autumnal display.

I picked some 'older' runners and will boil to death the beans to add to my curry at tea time.

Don't they look colourful?

The outside table was brought inside for the winter.

Hello smilies.

The old chicken nest now houses this year's conkers.

I bought myself a present while shopping - look at these for only 99p.

I couldn't walk past these, now could I?


  1. Thanks for the voucher tip, most welcome even though I'm just back from there! I think a wee stock up tomorrow might be needed!

  2. I've got some beans like that. Thought they were too far past it to eat, I might plant mine next year. The crochet hooks are nice.

  3. Loving your autumnal dead flower displays.
    Anne xx

  4. Those beans are to pretty to eat think they should go in a craft project instead.
    Love that big smiley rock he is gorgeous. We do not have vouchers or coupons here in Australia but I still find markdowns to feed my family on.

  5. There's some honesty seed heads in my garden which have gone silver and papery, I remember my grandma always bringing them in to dry and display like you've done with your allium. What a bargain those crochet hooks were.

  6. Seeing your older beans reminded me of my Mum, she always put a bit of bi-carb in her beans, she said it softened them. Not sure if it was a good idea or not but it did the job. Probably destroyed all the goodness. lol

  7. Loved the post But am having big problem on tablet now you have darker background, autumnal leaves. Can anyone help me to sort it so I can read blog as background just swamps it?

  8. Love the colour of those crochet hooks....and the transparent sparkly look!
    keep well

    Amanda :-)


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