Friday, 5 September 2014

Now what?

I made courgette (very large courgette) and tomato soup and it was delicious.

Courgette and tomato soup

*half a very large courgette, de-seeded, peeled and chopped into cubes
*1 tin of tomatoes
*1 veggie stock cube
*gravy left from last night's tea (optional!)
*3 desert spoons of chutney (I used 1 of green tomato chutney and 2 of red tomato chutney)
*1 squirt of tomato ketchup
*a slosh of Worcester sauce

Bung all the above in a pan with some water and simmer until the courgette is cooked then whizz with a blender.

Eat and enjoy.

Now what do I do with the very last one?

I think I have to welcome 2 new followers.

Hello and welcome to you both. I hope you enjoy your visits here.



  1. Hollow it out and sail round the world in it.
    Jane x

  2. Stuffed courgette? It's big enough. I stuff mine with mince, halved tomatoes, feta cheese and a bit of grated red leicester for good measure, but you can stuff it with whatever takes your fancy.

  3. How about a cake, I think there're a lot of recipes on line for courgette cakes xx

  4. I made courgette and ginger jam, very easy and delicious - the ginger is very subtle and the jam is great just on buttered toast. I do like the sound of your soup xxx

  5. I'd go for chocolate courgette cake xxx


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