Sunday, 7 July 2013

A Week of Meals

The mange-tout, strawberries, carrots, spinach, beetroot and rainbow chard are home grown. Breakfasts are one slice of bread with Marmite on - no butter. Lunches are 3 pieces of fruit apart from on Wednesday when I had mange tout, beetroot and salad bits. Edited: Oh and apart from Saturday - whoops.

Sunday: Lidl fish - pollock and salmon baked in the oven with homemade cheese sauce (with a fish stock cube crumbled in), mange-tout and mashed potato

strawberries (from my friend) whizzed in the blender with a little bit of ice-cream

Monday: yesterday's cheese sauce and fish left-overs with stir fry mange-tout, ends of peppers, onion, carrot, cabbage and rainbow chard, served with spaghetti

strawberries and a satsuma

Tuesday: yesterday's left over stir fry with pork steak with steamed mange tout and baked potato

satsuma and melon

Wednesday: chicken casserole, beetroot and rice

Lidl choccy lolly (naughty naughty)

Thursday: yesterday's left over chicken casserole with rice

Lidl choccy lolly (naughty naughty)

Friday: chicken casserole with new potatoes (My portion was minus chicken - there were only 3 chicken thighs in it to start off with.)

Lidl choccy lolly (naughty naughty)


Get a grip, girl, think positive - fruit for afters

The words in italics I wrote on Friday. Here's the revised version.

a bowl of steamed mange-tout followed by a bun with decorative icing brought home by DD last night after she'd been to a birthday party

(Our main meal was at midday because we went out to Granny's Bay,

 bought fish and chips and had a walk on the beach.)

Get a grip, girl, think positive. I'll have to do this post again to show that I eat healthily, won't I.



  1. Just had 2 boiled duck eggs with ryvita and pate, thats lunch most days. I am boring.

  2. All the home grown foodies looks gorgeous as does that beach, where are all the people? My kind of beach, virtually empty :) x

  3. Those carrots look delicious! And who can resist fish and chips (on on our side of the pond "Fish Fry")?

  4. I've fallen down quite a few times this week. I had fish and chips too, so hard to resist.


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