Saturday, 11 May 2013

It's a take-over!

These lords and ladies plants are spreading each year and getting bigger and bigger.

They are in competition with the lily of the valley in this small, confined border and it looks as though they are eager to move.

Look at them lining up ready to jump out of the bed.

Jane and Chris have lily of the valley taking over on their plot and also a beautiful plant called Trillium.

Hope you don't mind me pinching this pic.
Here's my Trillium for comparison.



  1. The trillium match!! How fabulous is that? I'll be thinking of you whenever I see trillium!
    Jane x
    PS And no, I don't mind you pinching the pic....I was going to tell you to anyway!

  2. Trillium grows wild in the woodsy mountain areas where I live...lovely.

  3. Trilliums indoors and out. I planted lily of the valley a few years ago but it hasn't increased in size at all, it can't be very happy where it is.

  4. Trillium are beautiful. I have not seen any here in Hawaii.

  5. How lovely! Hadn't heard of that plant before, but it really is gorgeous!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Trillium looks nice. I love Lilly of the Valley but it refuses to grow in my garden.

  7. How wonderful to have lily of the valley taking over - how wonderful to have lily of the valley at all.


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