Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Short back and sides?

The green house was looking like a jungle so I trimmed back the 2 cucumber plants - only one cucumber so far and all the others seem non-starters.

It still looks like a jungle.

I think the vine needs another trim.

I've made a start on eating the grapes - only another 50 bunches to go!

Now should I share the first red tomato?

Edited - There's a Bloggy Blanket Chain Update on the BBC page. Is there any 'volunteer' out there who would like to receive the blanket, add a crocheted square (or squares) and then pass it on? If so, please get in touch with MummyHen or leave a comment here.


  1. Are they really your grapes? Maybe you should make your own wine with them, treading grapes always looks like fun to me!!

  2. Oh, those grapes look delicious,wild animals ate ours.
    Jane x
    PS If no one else has spotted the tomato then it's ALL YOURS!!!

  3. Those grapes look very tasty ;-)) My tomatoes are starting to turn red to although i did pick a load of green and make chutney last week ;-)) dee x


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