Thursday, 19 May 2011

What I did today

  • Normal everyday tasks of clear away supper and breakfast dishes, wipe down work surfaces, sweep and mop floor. Tidy up upstairs and hoover.
  • First coffee and lemon stop while taking cats for a walk in the garden.
  • Then it was garden morning, planting the outdoor tomatoes, more broccoli and calebrese, tying up the tomatoes and cucumbers, weeding the garden and sweeping the paths plus more coffee and lemon stops.
  • Dinner was whizzed up leftover chicken casserole and veggie chili with fruit for afters.
  • More weeding then a long walk into town with a call in at the Charity Shop.
  • Salad for tea with home-grown lettuce, mixed peppers, hard boiled egg, thin ham and chicken, new potatoes and salmon.
  • Must watch Neighbours (for de-stressing medicinal purposes only).
  • Bathtime and now computer time with 2 cats on the bed with me. Later on I'll crochet until 9. Television time follows with perhaps a glass or two of wine just as a night cap. Book to read before bed finishes the day.


  1. Sounds like you are having a great day so far. :)
    I didn't really followed any pattern for my squares. They were my own design and as a first it came out pretty well and how I wanted them to be. :)
    The middle I used 2 treble together stitch. :)
    Thank you for your visit to my blog.

  2. Thank you , Isobel. I feel a new project coming on!


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