Tuesday, 26 May 2009

String bags

I've been making these string bags using different yarns.






Plastic yarn

Some bags I've kept and some I've given away.
  1. Chain 7 and slip stitch into a circle;
  2. Eighteen double crochet into the circle;
  3. {Double crochet (dc) and chain one} into each of the 18 dc of the previous row;
  4. {dc, chain one} TWICE into each of the holes made by the chain stitches of the previous row (you now have 36 dcs and 36 chains);
  5. {single crochet (sc), chain three} into each of the 36 holes in previous row;
  6. {sc, chain four} into each hole for 14 rows;
  7. {dc, chain two} into each hole for 2 rows;
  8. {two dcs in each hole} for nine holes only! then:
  9. chain 30, turn around, and slip attach in two stitches to other end of the nine holes you just put two double crochets into;
  10. turn around one more time and {double crochet into two chains, skip one} 20 times. You now have 20 double crochets on the handle;
  11. {dc, chain two} into nine holes only;
  12. repeat steps 8-11 and you should be back where you started;
  13. dc into each of the 20 dcs of the handle;
  14. {dc, chain two} into nine holes;
  15. repeat steps 13-14 then slip chain into a couple more stitches.

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  1. ooh ,Id like to try this,great idea,thankyou,xx


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